Monday, January 18, 2010


It's about time I posted something; you would think with graduating I would have time to blog but not so. I just moved to the Atlanta area to start a fellowship with the CDC. My friends Kara and Mike graciously volunteered to accompany me so I wouldn't have to do it all alone. We arrived Friday to beautiful 50-something degree weather. Unfortunately, the weather turned sour, and rained all Saturday leaving us to have a soggy walk around down town. We did have lots o' fun at the Coke Museum, where we tasted over 60 different coke products from around the world, and the aquarium, where we met up with Jody, a fellow Michigander in town for a friends wedding. Here are some pictures documenting our adventures:

I think this photo is a bit awkward, but I swear that's how the photographer set us up with the Coke bear.

A torch from the Olympics in Atlanta.

Kara and Your's Truly

Mike, Jody and I making fish faces, although I would understand if you were confused by Mike's not-so-fish face.

Hammer-Head Shark

Random Fish

A Whale Shark

The whole gang

Please hum the theme to jaws while looking at this picture.