Thursday, August 21, 2008

Idaho top 5

A few weeks ago I was in Eastern Idaho. An although not the setting of East of Eden or really any famous books that I can think of right now it is a peace a heaven to me. It has gained this status in my eyes for a number of reasons some I will not divulge on my blog but five such reason I feel comfortable sharing are below. Eastern Idaho is a piece of heaven to me because it is:

1-A land where babies and dogs can sleep in peace and harmony. It is also where G and G Campbell live, though perhaps not with as much peace and harmony as babies and dogs as they told each other that they dislike the other's haircut.

G and G Campbell

2-Within a stones throw of great hiking camping and eateries like Grumpy Goats hot dog. A hot dog place with real goats tromping around in the back yard and yes the people there really are grumpy.
My brother Matt in front of Grumpy goats.

3-A place where the highway might as well be a movie theater for the hours of entertainment and conversation it supplies. Although the new favorite topic of conversation is my brothers new house going up next door to G and G.

The fam scoping out newly poured concrete

4-It's beautiful! Not too many people can wake up and go jogging in a place like this.

5-The land of square ice cream cones. I didn't remember to take a pic of the actual ice cream cone but please notice the shirts we made seeking to recreate to older picture that debuted on an the Allen Christmas card of 1987.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hiking Solo

Today with my friend Amren and I hiked Maple Mountain and now feel like an eighty year old women as I sit nursing my achy knees. However I would really like to discuss the concept of hiking solo. As a female I don't often contemplate going on long hikes by myself but as we passed or were passed by numerous solo male hikers I thought of what it would take for me to go solo. Here is the list that Amren and I came up with:
  • Satellite phone
  • Bear Spray (for bears and creepy people)
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen
  • GPS
  • Compass (in case the GPS stops working)
  • First aid kit the size of a small child
  • German Shepherd from the local Humane Society
  • Walking stick
  • Change of clothes
  • Sling
  • Flare Gun
  • Gallon of water
  • Food for 2 days
Considering this list it's not surprising to see why I have never gone hiking solo. The list may seem a bit over the top but I need to feel protected from people that not only wear shirts like this but leave them along the trail.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Road Trip Nostalgia

My favorite word lately has been Nostalgia. I do lots of things for nostalgic reasons and have realized that if they didn't create fun stories or blog posts then I wouldn't do them at all. My recent trek in a car with my sister and brother from Washington DC to Utah is a perfect example. I will however focus on the parts of the trip I will tell to posterity for nostalgic reasons, and not the parts where my life flashed before my eyes in the back seat of a Mazda 3 as we drove around corners and plastic bins full of toiletries almost crushed me to death.

My sister Kirsten took us to Great Falls Park, the Virginia side.

Great Falls Park, Virginia.

The Fam sitting in the middle of a lock that was used to transport good around the falls on the Potomac. We weren't actually supposed to be in the lock but the Forrest Ranger agreed to take our picture anyways.

Breakfast at Eastern Market. I ate here a couple of years ago, got the chocolate chip pancakes and had to really search for the chocolate chips. This time they were much more generous.

Poltergeist stairs at Georgetown. I have never seen the movie but my friend Emily told me a priest throws himself down these stais to become depossessed (that may not be a word). Anyways we didn't hang out there too long, I can only repress the urge to reenact for so long.

This picture needs no description needed but we went so late most of the animals were not out so that is why there is a picture of me instead of a cuddly creature.

Somewhere in Indiana. I am pretty sure this particular corn is being used to make both ethanol and high fructose corn syrup.

Carthage Jail. The jail where Joseph Smith was killed.

This can't be confirmed but we believe Joseph Smith drank from this very drinking fountain before entering the prison.

Kirsten and James in front of the Nauvoo temple.

While in Nauvoo we were able to attend what may be one of the best theatrical/musical performances ever, entitled
Riverboats and Mormon Girl Meets Non-Mormon Boy Who Eventually Joins the Church and They Live Happily Ever After Dreams or something like that. I have never seen the wittle and whistle gang so honestly portrayed on stage.

Anyways we made it home safe and sound and I have done enough moving and driving to last a lifetime.