Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Vacation

I recently went on vacation and hit 6 states and 2 countries in 9 days, not too shabby. I started out in Myrtle beach for two days and enjoyed a bit of a beach vacation. Then it was off to Utah where I had dinner with my brother, his fiance and son. Then to Idaho via Wyoming for a few days to see my grandparents and gather the troops who would be making the epic journey to Glacier National Park. We spent 4 days in Glacier, one on the Canadian side. It is truly an awe inspiring and beautiful place.

I've had numerous people ask me about the trip and while it was a little too rainy, windy and cool for my taste; any trip where no one shouts an expletive at someone during the trip is deemed a success in my mind.

Here we all are in the car ready to go:)

Mike and me on our brother-sister bonding hike. James is taking the picture

Me and a bear. This (me getting out of the car) made Chenoa very angry.

Cuddly bears from Dad and Chris. They bought bears for our nieces and nephew and I may have said something about how I never received cuddly animals as mementoes from trips, and voila we magically received bears.

Looking out on a glacial lake whose name I can't remember.

Some helpful literature that enabled me to identify animal scat we came across on the trail.

On the Trail of the Cedars.

Avalanche Lake I think?

On the trail to Avalanche Lake.