Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowed In: Day 2

For those who do not watch the news or follow weather, Atlanta had a snow storm Sunday night followed by a lovely frosting of rain. While this combination made for fun tromping noises as I emerged from my cozy house on Day 2 of no work, it also resulted in dire driving conditions. A word to the wise, if you need a pick-me -up do not tune into local Atlanta News after a storm, or any event really, as they have a knack for turning inconvenient occurrences into apocalyptic events.

Today I made the 1/2 mile trek to the main road to see if it had been cleared. Unfortunately, it had not but was in better condition than my road which ends in a culdesac. The only non-TV, non-Netflix entertainment we've had in the last two days is observing the ingenuity of our neighbors to either deal with or enjoy the snow. My neighbors are using a big plank board to shovel their driveway; I'm pretty sure the kids next door were sledding on cookie sheets; and I passed a boy sledding on what I think was a garbage can lid.

Snow days can be fun for a day but I am ready for my routine to start again. I can only watch so many episodes of Psych and answer work emails before I start to feel really lazy and a little guilty. Sadly I just heard school is closed again tomorrow and perhaps the rest of the week. Help!