Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt

The title of this blog is usually something that would be said to children playing a semi-dangerous game. For me it happens with any game.

Last night is a perfect example. Our ward had a BBQ/bonfire and after dinner there was group that went to play games. We played red rover and a girl named Malissa came running over and tried to break between Dave Bonnie and I. I don’t know how it happened but we ended up close lining her. Her neck hit our arms and she went flying. She flew up and landed on her back hitting her head on the ground. Luckily she did not get a concussion, just a slight head ache. I felt so bad. Dave Bonnie and I picked her some flowers and sang a really horrible sounding song comprised of the term "I'm Sorry" over and over in various keys.

These sorts of experiences seem to happen to me a lot. Another example happened a few years ago at a family reunion. We were playing soccer and I cleared the ball down the field. Right at that moment a 2-year-old with a sucker in his mouth wandered onto the field. Luckily he was fine. While these two instances don;t technically suggest a pattern I am sure there are many more that, as a defense mechanism, I can’t remember right now. Maybe I am cursed. Let me know if I any of you have incurred bodily harm as a result of playing a game with me.

Here are the main characters of this story:

Protagonist: Malissa

Unfortunately she was not on the phone while playing read rover so I can't project any blame on her.

Antagonists: Jessica and Dave

Thursday, May 15, 2008

May Birthday Shout Out

All right here is a shout out to the other May Birthdays.

May 1-Adam turned the big 28

May 4-Kirsten turned 32

May 21 James will be turning 21

Happy Birthday Mike

I have been really low on blogging content as of late, but luckily my brother Mike had a birthday. Don't ask me why his birthday requires a special post more than the other 3 people in my family with May birthdays, his just happened to coincide with a long shift at the library.

A few of my favorite mike moments.
-Watching mike bite his fist when he was angry, fearing that he really was going to draw blood.
-Lathering sun block on his then, and I am sure still, pasty white back and shoulders before he played tennis.
-Hearing mom gasp when he would swear during tennis matches.
-Finally seeing him be a great dad.

Here you go Mike a special birthday blog post. I think the Beatles might even kind of say your name in the song.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Wedding Quandary

I hope Mike and Chenoa will forgive me for using this picture but it fits so well with my post and you all know i do not have any of my own to post. Today I started classes again and as such my posts will probably not be a frequent unless I find my material from my studies compelling enough to share.

My social change class is promising on this front. My teacher likes to ask lots of questions with no answers. Here's one that I remember and would like to know anyone's thoughts on. Why do Girls traditionally buy or make a very expensive dress that they will only wear once, whereas men rent a tux that they may be able to wear multiple times?

There's my question and I welcome anyone's ideas. There really is no right answer I just want to know what you all think.