Sunday, August 15, 2010

My weekend as a hipster

What better way to describe my weekend as a hipster then by rekindling one of my long lost hipster-like habits: blogging. While I did not go to NYC for the express purpose of being a hipster it quickly became the theme of the trip.

This weekend was as much about understanding the meaning of the word hipster as being one myself. In addition to discussion of the word with various people throughout the weekend I also defered to two reliable web sources on the subject: urban dictionary and wikipedia.

Regardless of the definition it is how one uses the word, either to disparage or flatter that matters. In order to be the best hipster possible I brought along Brooke, my hipster coach, who unabashedly embraces her inner hipster. With Brooke's help and some consultation from Carissa--who claims she is not a hipster but if being a hipster is all about being cool she is inherently one-- you would think I couldn’t mess it up.

I even bought a hipster purse and aviator glasses. Unfortunately, as hard as I tried to be ironic and look cool and unconcerned about everything around me, my wonder of NYC and love of pop culture media references won out and I found myself saying things like, “Hey, where’s Fox books and the Little Shop Around the Corner?” "isn’t that where they filmed (insert any number of NYC based films here)" and "where's Woody Allen or John Stewart?"

Though I don't consider myself a hipster (though many disagree) I had a great time in NYC and am perplexed that many things I enjoy such as listening to indy rock, gardening, recycling, long boarding, rebuilding old bikes and riding said bike to work have been co-opted by hipster culture. My only consolation is I perhaps am less apathetic.

Hipster consultant, Carissa (center) and Hipster Coach, Brooke (right)
Us crossing the Brooklyn bridge, Brooklyn being a hipster haven.

Brooklyn bridge from the Brooklyn side. I recommend going across to anyone. I hear it is even more amazing at night.

Much to my delight there was an actual hipster exhibit going on at the Met.

More Pictures:

Hot Chocolate at Max Brenner's, or more appropriately describe- a melted chocolate bar. So thick and delicious.

Nice Policeman who saw me struggling with a self take and offered to take our picture but after one person in our party refused to be photographed he agreed to be in our picture instead. Then gave us a NYC police patch, although I like to refer to is as a NYC badge of honor.

Time Square

Brooke on Wall Street in front of the NY stock exchange