Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pleasant Surprise: Kara's Visit

Last week I was pleasantly surprised when my room mate from Michigan, the one and only Kara Stowers came into town for the day en route to a chemistry conference in Germany. I had no qualms asking for the afternoon off and left at lunch time to go tour the District with her. The Smithsonian folk fest is going on, so after a greasy lunch at Five Guys Famous Hamburgers we walked around Mall and the different attractions folkfest attractions. My favorite was the one about Wales. Made me just a little sick for the lovely few days that Amy and I spent in Pembroke, Llandudno and Snowdonia National Park.  

Here we are in the sculpture garden on the Mall. 

Still wading our feet. The other girl is another chemist from Michigan who hung with us for a bit. Sadly I don't remember her name now and didn't really that whole day. 

Kara drinking a limeade. 

Me standing in front of Welsh Scenery.

Two Welsh Children's Poet Laureates teaching Welsh folk songs. 

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Farmer's market

Yesterday I went to the Rockville Farmer's market. I went partly because I have been meaning to and partly because I watched Food Inc. last weekened and while I have been making some changes about what and how I eat I think the movie finally inspired an epiphany (MI classmates will understand that word means on multiple levels).  While I hope changes I am making are sustainable, only time will tell. Here is a picture f what I bought. I paid $6.50 for it all. You farmers market buffs let me know whether I paid too much. It was my first time and I think I was a little nervous and didn't take enough time to look around.  Next time I might have to find a farmer's market buddy so I don't get too nervous with all those Farmer's-Market Expert people tap their foot while I stand contemplating indecisively whether to buy the green or the purple pepper. 

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Post dedicated to HP: Part Duex

For those of you left with a pit in your stomach from the last post, worried about whether I would find Harry Potter and the Half blooded Prince this post will ease your troubled mind. This morning on my way to the Farmer's market I stopped at the public library and there on the shelf stood two copies of the very book I was looking for. Who knew that libraries were places where they kept book. 

But seriously, I thought it was impossible that they would have it in seeing that the movie comes out in a couple of week and all those 12 year olds (and sadly 26 year old interns) would want to beaf up on their Harry Potter knowledge or at least get inspiration for their opening night costume.  Either was I am happy have found it, despite the fact that is only the American edition; which means I will be less confused. 

Just outside the library in what would be Rockville Town Square, if anyone actually uses that term anymore, is found word welcome in various languages. Below is welcome in Khmae (Cambodian). Just thought I throw this in because it is cool. I have no idea why it says roost below it. 

Friday, June 26, 2009

Another post dedicated to HP

So I know that everyone is talking about Michael Jackson-may he rest in peace. I am cursing myself that I never bought one of his CDs I could make bank on it- but this post is about Harry Potter. I decided that I need to read the 6th book again before the movie comes out July 15, but I have had some trouble finding a copy. Instead I ended up reading the 5th book again. I really enjoyed it as it was the British edition and there are some things in there that made no sense to me and some words you would never put in a children/adolescent book in the U.S. I won't write the words but if you must know what it is email me and I will tell you. 

After finishing that book for the second time I must say that I am very disappointed in the Movie Industry. I totally understand that movies can't be 5 hours long- although A&E's Pride and Prejudice was- but can't they try a little bit harder to catch the essence of the book. The Order of the Phoenix movie cut out a lot of the book, some of it that is very crucial to understanding what is going on. I am hoping, hoping, hoping that this next movie will more closely represent the book. Now if I could just find a copy of that darn 6th book....
Wow! I can't believe I just wrote that post... it's sad. Oh Well!

Friday, June 19, 2009


I saw this picture on the New York Times website on Monday and thought it was great. It was posted to report on Hong Kong closing schools for two weeks due to swine flu. Even know I know this picture is supposed to instill sorrow or a little fear these two miniature adults looking girls as so darn cute. Sorry for any copyright infringment.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

June happenings thus far

I haven't posted a real blog post in awhile and this is my attempt at one but it will take the form of a less-sophisticated photo montage than my UK trip as  I have a lot photos from various things I have done over the last few weeks. 

One of my first DC adventures post UK was going to the zoo. Last August I went to the zoo with my family but we went late in the day when the zoo was about to close so I didn't get to see to many animals so this was on the top of my list. Even better than the zoo was the chance to hang out with my old long-boarding buddy from Provo, Emily. Unfortunately, I never took a picture of her (sorry Em). 

Really cool jelly fish

A very unflattering picture of me and Elephants. 

I thought this was odd and somewhat disturbing. These boys were holding an elephant turd. Emily and I think it had been shellacked or something but still weird that they carry that around for visitors to pose with. 

I am really glad I got to see the pandas because they were not out last year and I wanted to see them.

Last week was stake conference and the stake center is right next to the temple so I decided to take a walk around the temple grounds and visitors center. At one point I found myself in the visitors center crying as I watched Mormon Ads. Those adds are so darn cute. I walked the nature trail around the temple but had to turn back because I got a bug in my eye that I did not actually get out of my eye until 5 hours later. 

Wednesday I went to the temple and I couldn't help taking this picture if only to contrast it with the one above. We have been having some pretty wicked lightening storms here and the sky and clouds take on amazing colors and texture as a result. 

Monday I went up to hill for some meetings and had a few hours in between so my friend Erin was kind enough to hang out with me. Looking at the background you may think we are in Vegas but it is just he tunnel connecting the Smithsonian Cafe to one of the art museums. I will be forever in Erin's debt for introducing me to TangySweet a cultured frozen yogurt place. Their yogurt was super yummy and I have been craving it ever since. Next time I am down in the district going there is at the top of my list. 

Yesterday Dana and I went hiking along the Potomac below the falls. 

Maybe some day I will write about my internship but I have to get some pictures to accompany it and some might be inappropriate for some viewers seeing that a lot of it has to do with breast feeding.