Sunday, August 21, 2011


I was watching Meet the Press this morning and got my first good look at Harold Ford Jr. (HFJ), former Democratic Congressman from Tennessee. Now, I know what I am about to say is going to make me seem like a 14 year old girl, especially considering my last post about an intellectual crush, but I find HFJ rather attractive. While scribbling down some notes and trying to understand why Peggy Noonan kept whisking back her hair like a 14-year-old girl or Ashley from the Bachelorette it hit me; I find him attractive because he is a hybrid of two individuals I love, President Obama and Rufus Sewell (please see equation below).
Despite the rough patches that President Obama's and my relationship have been through and the economy being in the crapper, I really like the guy; kind of want him as a neighbor. I'm what whispy-hair, talking-mouth Peggy Noonan calls the loyal 20%.

Rufus Sewell is an understated actor who I have loved since the first time I saw Cold Comfort Farm. His appearance in HBO's John Adams Series as the handsome economist and Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton only heightened my ardor. So HFJ, while you may not be making many inroads in the NY political scene you can sit and smolder on MTP anytime.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A New Crush

Many are aware that I have many intellectual crushes, mainly on older economists—these crushes are erroneously extrapolated by some friends to mean I dig old guys. Not true—well, I have a new crush that I would like to publicly announce on my blog, this means it’s serious. My crush is on Harvard University’s Justice with Michael Sandel. You may be thinking, she has a crush on Micheal Sandel. That’s not completely true. I'm more in love with the perfect combination of him, his class and the accessibility of it all than him as a person, but maybe that's because we haven't actually met.

I came across this class a few weeks ago when I was reading an article a friend sent me. The article referenced the class and I decided give it a try. Then I saw him on the Colbert Report and I knew it was meant to be.

Listening to the discussions makes me feel young and inspired again. But, I also appreciate that had I taken this class 10 years ago as a freshman I would have had a completely different experience, and that helps me appreciate it all the more. So here’s to life-long learning and coming to understand old ideas in new ways as one moves through life. One thing I know, I'm much more utilitarian than even I thought.

The clip below isn’t actually from the class but can be found on the class website.