Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things don't change much

I remember watching this video a few years ago and it is as true now as it was then. I was reminded of Rob Corrdry as I was speaking with some friends about Saturday Night Live the other night. I was also reminded how much more funny he is than most of the people on SNL. Another really funny non-PC one is entitles Racist Like Me. My social work friends would be so ashamed. I love Rob Corrdry when he's clean and hope viewers enjoy this little trip to the past.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Zoobie Games

Amy, my room mate, and I have been talking about doing some sort of group outing to pick berries for a long time. This last week we finally made it happen. We went to Rowe farms and picked raspberries. Then we went home, made raspberry shakes and played games. It was a lot of fun but the games were just like being back at the old BYU. The first game we played is called the flour game. The picture below are pretty self explanatory but you cut away at the flour until the penny on top falls. Whoever causes it to fall has to retrieve it with his or her mouth as shown. I fortunately never had to retrieve the penny. After that game we played spirited game of mafia as well as the animal game and the question game. Since I am always at a lost for games to play with a group let me know your favorite group games.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ann Arbor Art Fair and Musicians

It is so hard being acquainted with so many famous musicians like Michael Franti and... um ok maybe just Michael Franti, up until last week. I went to the art fair to check out musician Chris Bathgate. He hails from Ann Arbor, is very talented and I have been wanting to see him live. So some very nice friends of mine (Thanks Amy, Brian and Jason) indulged my slight obsession and went to see him with me. It was at 3:00 pm in the middle of July, needless to say it was hot. Regardless we all sat and melted in our chairs while I soaked in the folky tunes of Chris Bathgate. I was sweating so bad it looked like I wet my pants so after the concert we hung out for a few minutes so I could dry off before I got the gumption to go and get the above picture. Those crooked glasses are none other than Chris'.

After that we walked around that fair looking at the gaudy or overpriced art. I did end up buying some knockoff sunglasses. I wish there was some cheap knockoff art then I might have bought some. Overall I am glad to have had another distinctly Ann Arbor experience.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Here is the much anticipated blog entry of my days at Rothbury. My friends Carissa and Lisa and I went to the small West Michigan town of Rothbury (Population 400) to work of at the Rothbury music festival. The night we left Ann Arbor it was raining so hard we could barely pack the car. It continued to rain until we were abut an hour outside of Rothbury. I feared that might be a the kind of weather we would have the whole time but I think the weather was just getting all the nastiness out of its system because it was beautiful and sunny the whole time we were there. Some bands I heard while there include Sam Bean of Iron and Wine, Dave Mathews, Gomez, The Black Keys, Micheal Franti, Of Montreal and Modest Mouse.
I have posted the pictures in chronological order.

Because it was raining we left about an hour and a half late. That meant we ended up setting up camp just after midnight. Here's Lisa and I inflating mattresses.

The next night we started work. I was a cashier at this bar. We had to work until 1 am the night of July 3rd. The 4th was Carissa's birthday so here is a great inebriated rendition of happy birthday just a few moments after her b-day officially started.

Here we are at Modest Mouse, the first concert that we didn't have to work. Lisa and Carissa are either trying to scope out Lead Singer Isaac Brock or they might have just caught a glance of Micheal Franti.

Here is my first picture with a musician. Micheal Franti writes social justice pro-peace reggae like music. Though I don;t listen to his music too much he is a great performer and is really into his BO. Carissa's shoulder smelled like Micheal Franti the rest of the evening:)

This is the woods that we walked thorugh to get from one venure to another. There is a lot of hammocks and mushroom looking tents for people to chill in. We didn't spend much time there it is not hard to imagine things other than just chillin that might be going on in there.

Here is the second concert we attended and was the night of July 4th, Of Montreal. They are a really talented band and visual as you can see from the picture above and below. They had these children dressed in costumes chasing the man in spandex around the stage multiple times through out the concert. They also had this screen that displayed various cartoon like pictures. One of them must be an aspiring visual artist as well as a musician.

Here is a picture of the of the forest at night. The whole festival had a lot of visual art and the forest was probably the most cool when it was all lit up at night.

Here are the three of us at the Micheal Franti concert.

Michael Franti had us dance and hug those around us multiple times throughout the concert. I think this guy got a little too into it.


Last picture together before we went our separate days after 4 days together. We had a code to indicate if someone was annoyed and needed alone time. The phrase was "Santa's got a new sleigh." I am happy to report we never had to use it. We had a great time. I am glad the Carissa and Lisa followed my sudden whim to join the neo-hippie world for a few days.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Utah in July

Sorry for the delay in posts. I have been waiting to get pics from Rothbury from my friend. Since that's taking awhile I will post my pictures from my time in Utah. July 8th I went to Utah to visit my family and see my little brother James, who just got home from his mission in Zimbabwe. I also had a birthday while there and lots of goods times with my family especially my niece and nephew.

James with OwenJames asleep while reading the last Harry PotterJames and LoganMe and RowanMatt, Rowan and I

Chenoa and Rowan
Me wearing afircan garb and holding african Fauna ( perhaps it is just a house plant).My delicious Birthday Cake