Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Picture Fun

Yesterday was Valentines Day and I do not have a valentine. However, my room mate did have a party and I got all the boys in attendance to take some pictures with me. The second shot was the concept I was going for but I had to suffer through the first one to get the second. I hope that everyone had a good Valentines Day. No matter where you were or who you were with, know that you are loved by me.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More on Opossums or is it possums?

Last Tuesday evening after a lovely ice cream trip for my friend Amy's birthday my posse and I were blessed to see this little guy. Before Monday night I would have readily agreed with anyone that opossums are ugly frightening little creatures, having only seen them dead or alive from my car, but after this personal experience I will defend opossums looks and character. This little guy was so cute and nice, especially considering how close he let me get without hissing. Enjoy.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Camera= Lot's of pictures

I thought since last week's entry was a very wordy entry about my camera, this week I would just share picture I have been taking.  Here are some from a room mate plus Todd and Leilani date night (RMPTLDN) last weekend in AA. Ann Arbor has a annual ice caring festival in which businesses commission something about their business to be temporarily memorialized through ice. If everyone in these picture looks like their freezing it's because they are.  

This is outside Chase bank. I thought we should vandalize it because of the mess the banking system has got our country in but I bank there, so no vandalism occurred. 

One of my favorite places, a chocolate store. We went in to buy truffles and get warm, mmmmmmm!

Outside another chocolate store.

Todd by the Acme ice sculpture. He hates posing but I made him because he is an Engineer and I always equate Acme with engineering. 

Stephanie and Mike outside a delicious little Italian place. For those who don't know Stephanie has spent the last couple of summers in Italy doing operas, thus she is the perfect model for the picture. 

Finally Micah, (the boy who agreed to accompany me on RMPTLDN) drinking a cold one. 

Sunday, February 1, 2009


This post about my camera is specifically for Adam, Dad and Chrys, whose financial support made this story possible. Here I will record the eventful journey of a small piece of electronics from it's original home in Kansas to Ann Arbor. Most Cameras don't get to see much until they are actually out of the packaging but this little guy made a few unanticipated stops on the way. I received Christmas money to buy a camera and set out to find the best deal. I consulted many a family member in person and via Skype about the pixels, battery life, size and capabilities. My informed consumer habits were all present until I  saw yet another Canon Powershot commercial with Maria Sharapova. That's when all my research went out the window. I had to have that camera.

I returned to Ann Arbor with no camera but a pocket full of Christmas cash with which to start a focused search for the perfect Powershot. Like any good consumer I started with actual stores but thought their prices were, too high, then to Amazon, still too high. Finally, I ended up on Ebay. I am not going to lie and say I never shop on Ebay, because it is a main source for my hair care products. However,  I am not one of those people who will have to hire out my first born child as an indentured servant to pay for all the things I have bought. This story demonstrates just how long it's been since I bought anything on Ebay.

I found my camera in the very color I wanted, chocolate brown, for a very good price. Plus it came with a 4 gig card! I went over all the specs and they seemed in line with my research plus the seller had a very good rating so I decided to go ahead with it. As I entered my information that's when the trouble started. I think my house is situated in some sort of worm hole or electro-magnetic field- sorry for misuse of the terms science friends- because our internet never works for very long or properly. As I entered my new address information the internet went out and apparently did not save. I was so excited to have bought a camera that I did not realize until it was too late that is was being sent to my brothers old house in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where I lived before moving to Ann Arbor.

When I realized the mistake I started an email conversation with the USPS. They are really friendly emailers but not really that helpful. After a couple of exchanges in which they assured me the post office would be calling me but never did, I just called myself. The online tracking indicated that the package had been delivered but I know it had not because I contacted the person who currently lives there- he was in my brothers ward- and was assured that the USPS had just left a slip to pick it up, not actually delivered it. 

I contacted the Cheyenne post office and the lady there was really not very nice or helpful. She said if the online tracking said delivered than it must have been delivered. This is when I pulled out my wild card. I had asked my own postman, who is super nice, and he gave me a couple of scenarios of what might have happened. When I started citing information from one of her own she became much more helpful and said she would check the shelf to see if it happened to have been miss-tracked. Sure enough a half hour later I received a call from the Cheyenne post office saying they found my package. To make an already too long story not as long as it could be I called the person who owns my brothers house and asked if they could send it to me. He was more than willing to and now I have my camera. Yipee!  Stay tuned for actual shots with the camera.

Here is my beauty (Taken with my cell phone):