Friday, April 24, 2009

Life Decisions continued...

Here is the much anticipated blog post about my haircut. Before I unveil the results I thought I would post some picture of me and my long hair doing some of our favorite things together.

Here am I brushing my hair. 

My hair and I reading a book. 

My hair and I eating Marshmallow Maties. 

The Cut 

Here I am at the Salon. A special thanks to Amy who accompanied me and took pictures. The cut doesn't really look like any of the pictures I posted before, although picture #2 was the look I was going for. Unfortunately, my hair was not long enough after taking the 10 inches to make it work. 

Here I am with Terry, the person who cut my hair, after we cut off the 10 inches. Somehow I am still smiling. 

I know that this picture is not the greatest  but I am not yet in love with my new hair cut so I didn't take one just of me.  Here I am with some friends from the REACH Detroit project that I did my social work field study with. I liked my hair cut better today then I did yesterday so I think it will just take time. 

Monday, April 20, 2009

Institute Commencment

A lot of people have thought that I am graduating this semester, but I am back for one more in the fall. However, to appease the commencement appetite I did receive a certificate of achievement from institute. Who knew that eating pizza with a Book of Mormon open near by qualifies as an achievement? I am pretty sure that I have graduated from or received such a certificate from institute before so I was surprised that it could happen again. Here are some pictures of the event and some friends willing to allow me to milk this anti-climatic event for all it was worth. Presents and money are more than welcome:)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Life Decisions

You might think from the title of this blog it is going to be something very hefty and at first the subject might not seem like a big deal, but for me it is. I am going to cut my hair and when I say cut I mean chop, at least 10 inches has to come off so I can donate it.  I have had short hair before but last time I did that I cut off 10 inches and then moved to a foreign country for four months. This time I will not be leaving the country but instead move to Rockville Maryland for the summer. This is an opportunity to reinvent myself- at least my hair style. I have been rockin the psuedo-granola unkempt look for too long.

In Ann Arbor I am known for my zany attachment to my long luscious locks, cutting my hair will definitely dampen my breadth of conversation topics. Perhaps I can substitute my old hair talk with my hair cutting spiritual journey. How I found myself as I rid myself of attachment and was freed from the bad Karma stored up in my hair.

The primary point of this post though is to get feedback from all of you about how I should cut my hair? Please cast your vote using using the polling mechanism to the left of the screen. I did a little research on cuts that might work with my face and then just found some I like and these are the options I came up with: 

Hair Cut #1

Hair Cut #2- Do not let the fact that she has different colored eyes affect your choice.

Hair Cut #3 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Andrew Bird Day

Although it was not official, for me it was Andrew Bird Day. I went to Borders at 11:30 with my friends Lisa and Carissa so I could get a seat to see him play a little show. Then last night I went to his show at the Michigan Theater. It is no surprise to most who know me that I enjoy music, specifically of the Indie genre, but Andrew Bird is set apart by my infatuation with him and his abilities. He studied violin performance at Northwestern and plays his violin while singing at some point in about every song. As a 10th grade orchestra drop out I can appreciate his talents. It almost inspires to take up the bow and string again, almost. Here are some photos from the day. 

At Borders before the show. I had to put this one up because Carissa's eyes look wicked cool.
Andrew playing at Borders

Lisa and I out front of the Michigan Theater the day of the show

Anther great picture at the concert with Carissa looking eerily cool in the back 

Andrew at the Michigan Theater

A short video that by no means represents nor capture his talents but is short enough to post.