Friday, July 17, 2009

Banjos and Birthdays

I am officially in my late twenties.Mmid twenties only lasts from 24-26 but I turned 27 last Saturday. It was a great day and turned out to be a lot more eventful and fun than I anticipated and a lot less traumatic than turning 26 last year in Utah.  It actually started Friday evening when Emily and David invited me to dinner in Virginia. We went to a great restaurant and filled up on naan, chicken tikka, some lamb curry and Lassis. YUMMY! 

Saturday morning Dana and I took off to a Banjo festival at Tacoma Park. The great thing about the Tacoma Park is it has a lot of eclectic second hand shops that made for some fun browsing. Not only was the day full of banjos but amazing food starting with Thai food in China Town followed by frozen yogurt and a cup cake. 

I thought that would be the end of my birthday fun but when we returned home Kathy and Dave had bought a cake and some presents for me and we had a yummy birthday meal. It meant a lot to me as well the birthday wishes I received via mail, facebook and phone. Thanks everyone and here's to another year. 

I really need to get me one of these shirts, perhaps minus the floral print pants.

A real Banjo Player!

Dana and I with "the cake". We decided 27 candles was a fire hazard and went with just 1.


Solomon and Lyndsie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jess! Sorry I didn't send you a message on your special day. It looks like you had a wonderful birthday regardless.

Kirsten said...

Happy belated bday! Did I email you? or FB message? If not, sorry, I blame it on my lack of internet until today! Welcome to 27...we can share the age for a couple weeks until I hit the dreaded 2-8. Glad to hear it was a fun day:)

e said...

I think you'd look lovely in floral print khulats.

Mike said...

I have to disagree with you. Yeah, the shirt was ok, but man, those flower print pants are amazing.

mike and chenoa said...

I'm going to have to third the vote for the floral culottes. If anyone can pull it off, you can.