Saturday, September 19, 2009

Drunken Frivolity

Drunken frivolity is not a term that can actually describe me because I don't drink, but I have an inkling of what it might feel like after an intoxicated evening of partying--minus the hangover-- to wonder what I did the evening before. My roommate Kara is famous for throwing themed parties and this year the theme was the '80s, the 1980s to be exact, a party that would have had a much different theme had it been in the 1880s or any other centuries '80s. As I told one roommate who was weary of dressing up "This is the one time of year that we humor Kara." While I secretly love to dress up, publicly I reluctantly rummage through my clothes to find something suitable (or borrow something) and apply make-up that will inevitably make me look like a woman of the night.

Friday night I went through this whole process for Kara's '80s party, but this time had a duty beyond merely showing up in costume, I was also in charge of the play-list. As a result I have been rocking out to 80's music all week long trying to put together what I thought would be a decent play-list. The end result was a list that, if not everybody found representative of the '80s, at least inspired dancing. That is where my drunken frivolity claim comes in. I am not by nature a dancer. After practically being thrown out of tap class because I couldn't touch my toes I decided that I would be an intellectual instead; unfortunately that didn't really worked out either. Instead I find myself getting carried away, busting dance moves that incorporate little natural rhythm and are more likely to be found in an epileptic diagnostic book than at a dance party. The music overcomes me, and to put it as one friend said as she was leaving the party, and I lose all 'inhibition'. In the moment I have a really good time but the next day I find myself wondering exactly what I did and if I should regret it? Oh well:)

So here is the photographic evidence from the night.

Roommate picture

Jody and yours truly, I love the piano tie. Very '80s

Mini-skirt crew


Katherine said...

I kind of look like I have a broken arm in that picture.

Also, I love this: "dance moves that...are more likely to be found in an epileptic diagnostic book than at a dance party."

Steph said...

Those are some awesome mini-skirts. :)

Jessica said...

I think I saw a group of undergrads in those exact mini skirt with leggings outfits in the B-school today ...

Elizabeth Downie said...

Ha! I thought your dance moves were awesome! Good choices with the music too - it was a good selection. I had no idea what I was going to wear to this party but was grateful for the excuse to bust out the old crimper. I only wish it were socially acceptable to crimp my hair on a more regular basis.

e said...

Nice legwarmers!