Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wee Goaty

I like goats. I think my adoration for them stems from a culmination of reasons including: my friend Emily's love for goats rubbed off on me; I thoroughly enjoyed an outing to Grumpy's Goat Shack in Victor Idaho where I had a delicious hot dog awhile back; they make the cutest noises; I love goat cheese; my general championing for under-appreciated things. Any way, this last weekend I took part in a service project at Camp Twin Lakes in Winder Georgia-it is a summer camp for children with special needs. I laid sod all day Saturday but I took a journey to a small, wonderful corner of the camp where I met my new best friend. I named him Wee Goaty, because he is so cute and small. He even seemed to have a slight cold and we bonded over the fact that we were both congested. However, mine is a chronic disease, I hope that Wee Goaty just has a cold because I would never wish on him the debilitating condition from which I suffer from daily and that brings upon me ridicule and despair from unfeeling people.

However, this is not just a post to introduce you to my friend but he needs my help. He is stuck in pen with a huge rooster, and when I say huge I am not exaggerating. Plus the rooster seems like a bully. He bullies Wee Goaty, the bunnies in the pen and the other chickens. I am trying to get Wee Goaty a companion/lifepartner. He needs a fellow goat to help him work out his differences with the rooster. I am having a friend talk to the camp about it and hopefully they agree. I'll try and keep you all updated about very important cause.


Amy said...

From displaced sheep to goats - it's a good thing there are people like you out there to watch out for this underrepresented segment of society.

Kirsten said...

You should get him a Tennessee fainting goat as his mate. There is even an association for them:

If Wee Goaty's companion has a chronic fainting problem, no one is going to notice Wee's congestion problem.

Maybe you need a fainting goat to displace unwanted attention.

Brian said...

I went with my 2 year-old nephew Gideon to the L.A. zoo and he said about a thousand times that day "Didden. Fav'rit. Ammal. Ghost!" (Gideon's favorite animal: goats). So you are not alone in your goat love.

Did you ever go out to the petting zoo at Domino Farms in Ann Arbor? They had a bunch of goats out there.

ego non said...

Is that a nubian? Also, I agree with Kirsten that fainting goats are absolutely charming. Pygmy goats also are great because they always look like a baby goat and when they're actually babies . . . eeeek! They are adorable. You saved a displaced sheep?? Some day I want to be as cool as you.

mike and chenoa said...

You're such a kind animal defender. I hope you get him his playmate.

Also, I can't help but wonder why we haven't seen a post about your dog yet?

Jake said...

Your story has inspired me. May your campaign for all that is good and right in the world find completion.

Three cheers for Wee Goaty!