Sunday, December 11, 2011

Without a car no more

I made it a whole week without a car. I've felt real blessed--I have to use that word is it such a Southern word, do you know how many times I've heard "bless her heart" and this time of the year "have a blessed Christmas," What wrong with the word merry people?-- to have so many great friends who were happy to give me rides. In all, I got 10 rides from 7 people in 5 days. When I finally picked up my car Friday afternoon I was glad to be back in the drivers seat.

I was surprised at how well I did without my car, a blog post by by Dan Ariely about Flying Frustrations reminded me of this. He shares a story about how a two-hour flight to Chicago ended up taking 6 hours due to weather. Knowing myself, I was surprised that I didn't have more frustrating moments like this. The only one I can recount was upon learning how much it would cost to fix dear Regina. So while I definitely had to adjust to others schedules and had some of the idle moments Ariely talks about, my trick was to always carry a book with me.


mike and chenoa said...

I can sympathize since we've been without out main kid mover on multiple occasions since September. Glad you have Regina back.

Jake said...

I am currently spending 1 month without a car in Idaho. Luckily I can usually borrow one from family, but every once in a while... Let's just say I get to stare out and watch it snow some days.

Glad your car is back in full force. Have a merry Christmas! :)