Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bike Resurrection

I would like to write the happy ending of a story that began more than 2 years as I scavenged through the my grandparents garage in Idaho. That was the first home of the "the bike" the lovely brown protagonist of this story. Since then this brave bike has lived in Utah, Wyoming and now Michigan. Unfortunately, it was not living the life a bike should live-one of glorious riding on bright sunny days; cold wind rushing over its not so new golden, brown frame; hearing the laughter and cheers of the current pilot. Its tires were deflated and it needed some TLC.

That all ended yesterday when salvation, in the form of Todd and Seth, came to the bike. I, although a proud and diligent owner, have never quite got the bike to fit together in a manner that I fell comfortable riding it at any rate of speed or long distances. However, the combined engineering and mechanical skills of Todd and Seth, a trip to the hardware store and the phrase "well, there's your problem!" being said at least 20 times were enough to restore "the bike" back to its former glory- minus the fenders because we couldn't find the right size screws.

I am happy to present "the bike". Now a functional, gleaming example to all bike projects everywhere.


mike and chenoa said...

I think you need a little flag for in back of the seat and some cards for the spokes. After that you’ll be set to go.

Kirsten said...

Even more unbelievable that the bike is now usable is the fact that you have been totting it around with you during your moves. That is dedication.

e said...

She's a beauty!